The Loyal Edmonton Regiment

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The Loyal Edmonton Regiment has a long and proud history going back to 1908. Our impressive array of Battle Honours and two Victoria Cross Recipients show that the 'Loyal Eddies' have served Queen and Country to the utmost.

Being a member of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment can offer you a multitude of skills, abilities, and benefits:

  •    Personal Discipline

  •    Confidence

  •    Physical Fitness

  •    Problem Solving

  •    Leadership

  •    Camaraderie

You will also learn infantry specific skills:

  •    Weapons Training (Personal and Support)

  •    Marksmanship

  •    Tactics (Individual and Group)

  •    Patrolling and Reconnaissance

  •    Fieldcraft

  •    Map and Compass Navigation

  •    Winter Warfare

  •    Combat First Aid

As your career advances so will the challenges facing your leadership ability. You will be constantly learning and aquiring new skills that will aid you in both your military and civilian life.


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